Special screening : European Education Film Festival

A selection of films focused on topical issues, migrations, handicap, non-discrimination, secularism… and picked from the films of the 10th edition.

Where? Sciences Po, amphi E friday 21st at 20:30

Miniyamba de Luc Pérez. As thousands of people, who leave each day their homeland, Adbu, a young Malian musician, has decided to go to Europe. A journey from the Niger River to Ceuta enclave barbwire, where dreams crush onto the harsh reality of migration, seeing western lights from afar… During all his journey, Abdu’s music brings compassion and hope to his companions.

Où je mets ma pudeur ? by Sébastien Bailly. Hafsia, an art history student, is going to have to remove her hijab to take an oral exam. She goes to the Louvre to take a look at the painting on which she has to comment.

La petite casserole d’Anatole by Eric Montchaud. Anatole is always dragging his little saucepan behind him. The saucepan fell on him one day, without anyone knowing why. It gets stuck everywhere and stops him from moving forward. Anatole has had enough, so he hides. Things are not so simple…

Les Jours d’Avant by Karim Moussaoui. Boredom reigns in a housing estate in the south of Algiers in the mid-1990s. Djaber and Yamina are neighbours, yet do not know one another. For both, it is so difficult for boys and girls to meet up that they have almost ceased dreaming about it. But in just a few days, a hitherto suppressed, distant violence breaks out in front of them, affecting their lives forever.

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