The « arousing » environment

This concept is typical of the CEMEA ! This environment will be about giving things to see, letting people meet, practicing with others at given times. Each will be able to discover practices and fields yet to be invested or rediscovered, but also to inform him or herself or share with each other… The places and moments dedicated to this « arousing » environment come within the general approach of the Congress, in a way that they are conceived to be open, inviting to act, share, think collectively.

Inside the specifically-designed areas, in different spaces of the Congress, meetings can thus be arranged to present, animate, accompany an exhibition, share an experience, discover an installation… Each of you can, according to his or her areas of interest, build his or her own path through the propositions, between permanent and temporary exhibitions, targeted meetings with other congressmen and women, national or territorial educational groups… The “arousing” environment is a core part of each congressman and woman’s path and will allow him or her to alternate the work forms and situations by managing this path. There will be no prior registration for the propositions made within the context of the “arousing” environment.

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