Participating in numerous activities is an essential component of the experience of the Congress. As such, the activities contribute to the efficient running of the Congress and contribute to the reflections of CEMEA of tomorrow. Each proposed activity will include a practical dimension in support of the reflection. Each moment will be structured around three points:
Practical activities.
Analysis of these activities and their implementation accordingly to the principles of the New Education.
A more general debate about the meaning of these activities in the project of CEMEA, their issues for today and tomorrow. It will allow, similarly as the other moments of the Congress, to propose for the GDC the aspects that could be included in the syntheses of the end of the Congress.
Numerous areas of actions and activities will be offered, and will allow everyone to build his/her own path. These activities will take time at 3, 6 or 9 h. Few examples of the activities: discovering the environment, physical activities and sports, group games, technical and scientific activities, outdoor activities, activities of expression and of ‘media’.
Registration for the activities will take place on site, according to everyone’s wishes and choices, regarding the constraints of each activity. It is important not to forget to bring/provide the equipment according to your activity you are planning to engage in.

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